A Photographic Exploration of Age

I've been practicing photography for many years and enjoy capturing the male subject at any age.

Andre and Karl explore each other's bodies as they contemplate aging. At times they struggle, but ultimately they are at peace with the difference in their age... Andre with a bit over 6,570+ days and Karl his senior with around 23,725 days of experience and wisdom. Join Andre and Karl in their exploration. Below the main gallery is a bonus set of images of Andre shot right before the couple's shoot. At the bottom of the page is a selection of comments from viewers after they viewed the gallery.


Andre Bonus Gallery


Viewer Comments After Viewing...

Love is love. It seems there are many examples of how our society has questioned love. Love between the races, love between the religions, love between the social hierarchy, love between same sex couples and love between those with age differences that might span more than 20 years. Part of what is questioned is the differences motivation or authenticity of the love. The existence of questioning can undermine the foundation of the love that should be celebrated.

As a gay man in my early 20s I never knew love until it found me. This Love was defining as it cemented my feeling of completeness as a human being in the sexuality I was born with.


This love still exists for me some 36 years after finding my love and my heart. The questioning of this love took us underground so that we felt protected from those that would questioned our love. Being forced to live in the shadow of such questioning diminished what should be celebrated yet the strength of love found it’s way into our determination to live our life. In time that strength took us from the shadows to the sunshine that shines on us today.


The love is the chemistry between two people that has no walls and no limitations. Finding it in whatever form is the greatest gift one can ever receive. David, your painting this love with lights and shadows reminds us all that we are one in pursuit of that special one in our lives. A photograph can only touch the surface of what’s beneath but it also can paint a story of love that can be better appreciated by all. You brought life to love and love to life. Thanks for finding expression of love on the art you so enjoy.



Such a wonderful idea for a shoot. There's definitely a stigma against older people, not just in our community, but in our society in general. For me the most powerful shots were the young man is sitting on the column, almost glorifying his youth and the older man looks lost beneath him. However I love the opposite photo where the older man looks like he's being appreciated by the young man, almost admiring and thanking him for his struggles and knowledge. It's a powerful image.


Let me suggest some shots with a theme of "discovery." The older/younger father/son are having a new experience and through touch and expression are taking first steps towards a repressed desire in their relationship.


Definitely got the feel of Karl being the future Andre. Particularly compelling were the shots where one was nude the other in jeans and white shirt, and then traded, as well as the number of days alive on their asses sequence.


There is in fact a beauty in aging, and age in fact is just a number. I really enjoyed the contrast in both bodies as well. Both models are very sexy too! Thanks David.



My husband and I were 25 years apart and we always found each other beautiful. Age is but a number. The contrast of the two bodies in this shoot was equally beautiful.



As I get older, I find myself being attracted to the younger men. It may be me trying to relive my younger years but I am definitely attracted to them. Thanks for exploring this concept.



The photography is excellent, as always, and this Senior thinks the subject matter is wonderful. I'm sure I'm not the only old guy who has fantasized about being in that same scenario. Thanks, David!



The synergy between "opposites creates both a tension and at the same time the opening of possibilities. Smiling more might help manifest it but also exploration of the similarities and differences also playing on a reversal of perceived dominant roles. You also see that in daddy/cub, or chubby/chaser relationships . Very nice shoot!



Wonderful capture of ageless connection between two men. Very sensual photo shoot with Andre on his own. Seeing more interactions between young males interacting with older males is a joy. Though for long term relationships a huge age range can be daunting to deal with.



Beautiful done! I always say age is just a number. Love is love and attraction has no




Love the models...handsome fellas! Such a timely concept. Bridging the age gap is more important now than ever. Love the eroticism between the ages and the sense of enjoying a common bond between males. I feel that is the elder rubbing off on the younger....reminding about touch and connection in a "grndr" world. Would love to see more smiles and frolick ...maybe the younger rubbing off on the elder and bringing out that excited youth. More of this series please!



I think this is a great series of shots. I love the ones where one is clothed and the other nude. The numbers on their backsides, which I assume is age in number of days is nice touch as well. I like the chemistry with the two, especially when they are embracing. It is great to highlight that there can be chemistry between two people of different ages.



My husband is 15 years my senior. Been together 12 years and married 7 years this coming Monday.



Admittedly I fear aging, but featuring a duo with a large age gap is a fascinating concept that illustrates something not uncommon among gay couples.



I am just happy to see there are young guys willing to interact with older men. For some that might be a stretch out of their comfort zone, but there is much to be gained from both sides. Wonderful idea for a theme. I would like to see another shoot of the same theme that shows more of the intimacy you caught in this photo of the embrace.



I love this idea of capturing shots with young and old men together and focusing on the differences in age. I think the shot with the smartphone and the Polaroid camera is a really great one. Using objects that have changed over time with technology is a great parallel that really works well in an age focused shoot like this. I think an hourglass could be a great prop that could be used in a variety of creative ways in a future age focused shoot. I know you've done some body painting shoots in the past as well and I think a caterpillar and butterfly body painting duo could also be an interesting addition to an age shoot. Thanks once again for sharing your creativity with us all!



There is such a great amount of emotions for each photo. From the tender exploration of each other to the struggle with the rope. The banana scene was cute with the green and ageing bananas. Some of the scenes have an erotic element while others have a nurturing element. All in all, a wonderful series. I would like to see more playful and relaxed moments. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.



I agree with most of the comments, especially about seeing a more playful side to the relationship between the two men. Contrast between models always makes for interesting subject matter; shorter with taller, chub with chaser, skin tone differences, age differences etc.



Really stunning work. I love seeing both these models together and how their bodies compliment each other.



Being that I am aging in the gay community. I used to be skinny and hot then you hit that certain age and bam, I put on 40 lbs in what seemed like overnight. It really makes me feel like crap because in the gay community it's all about the skinny young hot guys. I think the gay community is really bad at how it treats the old guys. Or maybe it's just me.

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