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We offer three shooting styles at “model shoot” workshops. Model workshops feature a specific model and the goal is to offer photographers time to practice (often in a studio). The degree of nudity that the model is comfortable with will be detailed in the announcement for the workshop.


We announce in the workshop description which "shooting style" we plan to use. Each style has advantages and disadvantages.




In this hybrid style, each photographer serves as a lead photographer (for a 2 hour workshop with 4 photographers, there are two 12 minute lead chances each), while spending the rest of the workshop time as a sub where they can still shoot, while staying out of the way of the lead. This gives model a clear person to focus on and take direction from, while offering each photographer a chance to completely control the model, prop selection, and lighting configuration at select time as well as select the area in the studio they desire to position themselves (as the subs move around them). After the lead gets each shot, the subs may quickly take shots from the same position/with model focused on them. When shooting in the sub role, photographers should work fast and defer to the lighting/general pose established by the lead. This way, all photographers maximize the images they capture, while also being efficient regarding model poses/outfits and lighting configurations. Hopefully, this method provides the best of both worlds (some time to be in control while also maximizing your shooting time).


After each photographer has taken their two turns as a lead, we will use any additional time as a paparazzi style shoot.




All photographers may shoot at the same time and this is the most collaborative style. Everyone has free movement around the studio to capture the model as they desire. There is no set aside time for each photographer to work alone, however, we often take turns casually as people think of poses they want to try, and all then work to capture the same pose. This offers everyone a lot of shooting time, but typically with less focused discipline on setting up shots. A disadvantage is that shy photographers may feel that they don’t get their shots and miss the best angles to shoot. Also, the model never really knows where to look and is often moving their eyes around a lot.




Each photographer will take 100% control of the studio/model at their turn (for a 2 hour workshop with 4 photographers, this is approximately two 12 minute shoots), while the others will not shoot and observe. This offers each photographer both the opportunity to completely control the model and studio lighting, as well as take time to observe how others work. The downside result is fewer shots are captured during the workshop by each photographer, and the model may be asked to repeat successful poses among the various photographers, including taking away shooting time to change outfits/lighting configurations.


We could also do a hybrid between any two options. For example, we could have 2 teams of two photographers sharing the floor (either lead/sub OR solo/observe). This way, we get some more tight team work, but not trying to have 4 people shooting at the same time.






  • PROPS - for all styles, photographers are encouraged to bring props/accessories/wardrobe. It is up to the model if they’re comfortable posing with the items. All are encouraged to share items with the other photographers, however, if a special item is brought and the photographer doesn’t want anyone else to take a shot with it, that is their option.


  • POSING IDEAS - all are encouraged to research and bring sample posing ideas they may want to try.



For PAPARAZZI and LEAD AND SUBS, we often shoot with constant lighting so that multiple photographers can shoot at the same time. We may switch to strobes at some point to see the difference. For SOLO SHOOT / OBSERVE / REPEAT, we are more likely to shoot with strobes, since only a single photographer is shooting at once and there is less concern about taking the light.

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