Upcoming Project: Southern Utah

David E of Images Male and another photographer are planning a trip to Southern Utah (leaving from Las Vegas) in September 2017 (9/13th to 9/15th).


We may have an opening for one more model to join us on this adventure. I have met with Gordon Nebeker who along with two other photographers have produced some great examples of what I hope to accomplish. You can see more of Gordon's work using the two links below.


Please note that I am not Gordon and do not represent him at all - rather, he is a photographer I admire and have personally met with and is an inspiration to me for this project.


I am based in Washington, DC metro area and will be traveling with another photographer for this project.


You can see many examples of my work throughout this website. If you want to specifically see some of my work on location (outside of my studio), you can go to this page.

The three photos below are by another photographer - Gordon Nebeker and are shown to represent some of what I would like to capture. Gordon holds a copyright on these images and I am using with his permission.

Need to sign into model mayhem to see some nudes

Requirements for Models

PLEASE read over these requirements in detail before applying to join us. Due to the remote location and planning involved in this photo shoot, we hope you can understand why we would want to review so many details in advance with prospective models. This is not a typical meet in the studio shoot where being casual about everything can work fine. Thank you in advance for taking the time to carefully review all of these requirements. In addition to this larger scale opportunity with travel, we would be interested in shooting with top models in and around Las Vegas when we're in town.


You must be extremely reliable and if you commit to a date with us to shoot, you need to definitely be available and participate. We are putting in extensive planning and financial resources to make this trip possible and can't work with models who need to make last-minute changes to their schedules.


Ideally, we will be selecting at least two models and confirming participation in the next month or two for a September trip. We may aim for arriving in Las Vegas on September 12th and heading out to Utah on Sept 13th and return to Vegas on the 15th. That would provide two full shooting days (2 partial and 1 full day).


The theme is artistic nudes in nature. Not so much typical "pretty model pose", rather, how can we integrate the human body into the natural body so the combined resulting images appear artistic and the model is one with nature.


You must be VERY comfortable with nudity including full frontal (artistic, not sexual). We will be shooting on public land and there's no guarantee that we won't run into someone that is opposed to seeing a naked person or be asked to leave. We will do our best to be off the main areas where we can expect to run into fewer people. We also can be creative and have models where swimsuit type outfits and/or use flowing fabric when shooting where others may be present.


We are entering this as an adventure with unknowns - so we require a sense of going with the flow and not knowing every detail in advance. This includes the weather, terrain, meals, lodging and road & path conditions.


Ideally, you would be open to sharing a hotel room with another model (assuming two beds per room). If this is a deal breaker for you, please share your concern up front. For the two nights in Utah, we will be renting part of a home. One of the nights, we've reserved this place on AirBNB.


You're able to walk/hike some to get to ideal spots to shoot. We can't always shoot right near the car.


You accept all responsibility for injury and any issues that arise from your participation and agree to hold the photographers harmless and assume all liability for your actions.


You're comfortable posing with other male nude models in an artistic manner.


You feel creative in approaching posing and won't just stand there and require 100% direction. We want models who can think about fun ways to interact with nature and each other. Extra points for a model with dance/yoga experience or some other form of body expression. It will be up to the models selected to decide how they want to interact (will be discussed up front prior to final model selection). Some models are open to more sensual interaction among two men, and we understand and respect that may not be right for all guys.


You will be paid and your travel expenses will be covered, but this is not a get rich opportunity. Therefore, you should be partly motivated for a great experience and copies of professional images from two photographers (images can be used for your portfolio/personal use only). Models who worked with Gordon loved the experience and wanted to do it again. While we can't guarantee fun, we will do our best to keep a sense of adventure and creativity.


For full shooting days, we anticipate paying approximately $200 per model per day (eg. $400 for 2 full shooting days). We may end up having a third model as a backup who would be asked to join if one of the two primary models has a last minute problem. If you are strongly interested but the pay rate is a big concern and you're in top shape, please let us know your thoughts.



If you're not local to Las Vegas and you're flying in from another city, we are proposing to cover your roundtrip flight to/from Las Vegas and deduct that cost from the modeling fee and pay you the remaining balance to help cover your time. We would also cover all hotel/food (including the two additional nights needed in Las Vegas - arrival and last evening) and assume a shared room with another model (two beds). All of this can be reviewed and hopefully, we can all agree with an arrangement that works for you. We wouldn't want to miss out working with a top model over a small disagreement of compensation, so we're open to hearing from you.


Ideally, you will be able to meet us in Las Vegas and then travel with the team in a rental car together. If one of the models has a AWD vehicle available, we would consider paying to use that instead of a rental. Food and hotel expenses will be covered and we anticipate two or three overnights. The first day will likely be travel and would not be paid. The last day might also be travel, or partial shoot/pay.


We do not want models to use make-up and prefer naturally rugged and muscular/toned men who are between the age of 18 and 35, but open to hearing from others.


All models will sign a model release and provide a copy of their ID in advance (prior to firm commitment of participation). A simple contract/agreement will be provided so that all parties understand their obligations and clear expectations are agreed to in writing. Payment for air travel would need to be negotiated in advance.


Thanks for carefully reviewing all of the requirements above. If you are sincerely interested in joining us and feel that you're a good match with our requirements, please contact me. You can express your interest by emailing dave@imagesmale.com. Would appreciate a recent head/chest shot as well as your phone number and a good time to chat  and/or your model mayhem name/link.


After you express your interest, the next step is to schedule a phone call with you and we can review the items above and any other questions you may have. Feel free to include any questions in your email too.


All photography on entire website © 2021 Images Male. All Rights Reserved.

Images Male is in full compliance with 18 USC 2257, with possession of model releases and all models are at least 18 and have provided age verification.