Photographer's Top Set 2017


Some of my favorite experiences/images. Each photo represents the entire shoot, so you can click on any title below to see the complete gallery.


You will notice that a handful were shot outside of my studio. This often results in a more memorable experience and more compelling backgrounds for the models.


While I choose a top set here, I have had many other rewarding shoots and had the opportunity to work with many other models who also provided me with exceptional results.


Always feel free to contact me with any ideas or interest in concepts you want to try!


Working with couples is always fun and these guys are among the best.  I've been wanting to try the theme of a couple baking and becoming one with the ingredients. I love the capture of Christian and Anthony where the cinnamon and flour complement each other's skin tone. These guys had no reservations about having all sorts of mess thrown their way for the sake of art. They approach each shoot with a sense of adventure and they're totally comfortable in their bodies and willing to share with us.

Among my top shoots, are a handful of traditional model in the studio shoots featuring naturally talented models. In this case, both Jack and Jacen have excellent ability to just step in front of the camera and together we can capture a perfect image without much work. Part of the appeal is a fantastic body, but it goes beyond that to include a natural comfort with positioning of the body and a strong look (intense facial expressions). 

Always fun to work with are the guys like Celo who are attractive and at the same time like to show off for the camera with a few erotic shots. In this case, I haven't yet released any of the extras from this shoot. I'm considering new options for sharing my more explicit images for the future.

For this workshop, the location was a B&B in DC where we had about 10 models present. I captured this image in advance of the workshop and was treated to the owner's friend from Brazil. The pose with the dog created a very inviting scene.

Similiar to the B&B workshop above, this was a large scale shoot with multiple models and photographers. This venue was even more impressive (an old Italian Villa) and we were able to capture images with models in very interesting backgrounds.

Zac is a delight to shoot -- I love working with dancers in general and Zac adds his intense facial expressions. Shooting down near the river allowed us to get some interesting shots including a few partially nude poses. I brought fill flash/strobe lighting to help add some drama to the shots. This series followed a great studio shoot featuring Zac.


I always have fun at the naked photo parties, and this is one of my favorite images from the events held this year.

Party page uses a different password. Message me details.

I had a few fun urban exploration shoots this year, and these two images are with Garret in an old farm house and Jayy and Sahand in an old hospital. To check out more urban exploration shoots, you can visit this page.

This was my third underwater shoot and they're always a blast (for me and the models). I may return again next year. The grotto is a wonderful nudist compound that offers stunning views and a perfect venue to shoot male nudes. This was my favorite underwater shot with the slightly abstract appearance of his arm/fabric flowing in the water.

Working with Angela at this workshop (as featured on Skin Wars), was a lot of fun. Ryan performed wonderfully (extreme patience while being painted and then excellent modeling). To check out more body painting, view this page.


I plan to continue with body painting this year am always looking for volunteers to paint. A successful paint shoot takes the effort of all involved - painter, photographer and model.

Among my favorite models is Kevin. We have produced some interesting work in a variety of locations. He always delivers and together we can produce dramatic images.

This is my favorite collection by far. This was a large scale trip with two photographers and two models over several days throughout Southern Utah. Featuring my favorite nude figure model (Ethan) in some of the most beautiful landscape in this country, we captured many epic shots. A large part of the success of this trip is Ethan's abilities to pose and his wonderful expressions and muscular body. Beyond all that, it was a fun trip with a lot of adventure for all involved. Check out my On the Road page for more details on the traveling project.



In addition to this top set of galleries, I released the mini-documentary video (in collaboration with Ethan) on nude modeling. Use the member password to view.



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