Photographer's Top Set

As I did last year, I thought it would be fun to review all of my shoots over the previous 12 months and select my favorites - as a count down from #12 to my top at #1. Each photo represents the entire shoot/concept, so you can click on some titles and images below to see the galleries (a few are of extras that are not currently open).


While I choose a top set here, I have had many other rewarding shoots and had the opportunity to work with many other models who also provided me with exceptional results.


Always feel free to contact me with any ideas or interest in concepts you want to see me do. I also appreciate your active feedback including what you like or think I could do differently in future projects -- David E.


One of my first drag queen shoots (I did an earlier series at an event). With the studio lighting, I was very excited to capture Crystal Edge (aka Matt) as he posed in a series of dynamic movements. I love the color and sytle that many drag queens employ and I look forward to exploring this theme in more detail next year. I also plan to pair a drag queen with a nude male model.

Matt captures very well on camera and this specific pose with his instrument and the "old world" editing treatment, came out especially beautiful. I like to visit art museums and see how painters captured their subject and how they paint the light hitting the scene. 

#10 - Fly on the Wall Models

At these events, the guests have a chance to be up close and personal. They enjoyed helping to pose the models and see a nude photo shoot in person. Sydney and Topher both enjoyed their time with an audience and the audience certainly enjoyed their time working with these two models to create dynamic poses.

I've always enjoyed capturing guys with their best friends. My site @ features many of these guys and their dogs. Abe and Ryan below are two recent models who brought their hounds to the shoot.

I have started offering my studio workshops again and have featured several sexy guys this year including James, David, Ken and Eddie. You can join our Meetup to learn more about upcoming workshops.

#7 - New Perspective (Drone and Ceiling Mount)

While I have done some shooting from above in the past (often from a ladder), this year took me to new heights with the addition of a drone. Using the drone is not practical for most uses though, so it got me interested again in remote triggered control of a ceiling mounted camera.


This couple's shoot had a little bit of everything - retro inspired styling, sensual energy between two models, very erotic poses, CMNM (clothed male/nude male), and some gender bending. Thanks to Grayson for bringing his sense of style to the shoot and for the chemisty between these two friends.

#5 - Empowering Shoots

While it's not new this year for me to have subjects who desire to use a photo shoot to empower themselves, I am proud of a few recent series that I've done. Empowerment & acceptance themes have included celebrating gender queer (Gavin), transgender (Ryan), interracial love (Andre and Kyle), older gay men (Amdre and Karl) - message me for the password if you want to see the age gallery., and weight loss (Maxx).

#4 - Guys Who Really Like To Show Off

Among my annual favorite each year are guys who truly like to show off (have an exhibitionist streak) and are open to sharing their erotic energy with you. There are have been many, including Alex, Arta, Eddie, Jay, Andre, Ken, and Kyle. You know - the galleries you need a password to see. As you probably know by now, I share these galleries on a more limited basis and typically ask that you message me for a password while the gallery is open for a limited time. I may re-open some earlier galleries in the future and I'll announce in the FB private group.

#3 - Derron and Other Experienced Models

While almost all of the models I work with have very limited experience in front of the camera in a studio, every so often, I have the pleasure of working with an experienced model. Derron has been signed with an agency and as soon as I started posing for me, his past experience showed right away. His ability to connect with the camera and move his body in flattering angles is apparent. It doesn't hurt that he's very good looking with a nice body. These two are my favorite images from our recent shoot. I light the amount of lighting hitting his body, the use of a red gel on his arm, the angle of his pose, and the suggestive way he has his underwear placed. For the nude photo, I appreciate the way he naturally places his body on the floor in interesting angles and maintains a strong connection with the camera.

Andre is my top model selection for this year. He is only 18, but he connects very well with the camera and we had the opportunity to explore several themes including the age series as well as the hunting shoot which received a lot of feedback (mostly positive but also some did not care for the theme). We also shot at the Penthouse (see #1 below). I appreciate his ability to connect with the camera and he has a natural beauty and openness to try anything from fashion to nudes and all themes.


He is one of the few models that I've complied a book (36 page magazine) featuring images of a single model.

The two other books I designed this year include Celoand the Penthouse collection.

Compared to the year prior, I did a lot less shooting on-site. However, this beautiful home in Arlington has become a favorite location for shooting models lately. In addition to the environment, the talented models David, Jay and Andre made the shoots successful.


I am thankful to Michael for opening his home to my photo shoots and his hospitality during the shoots. I love having the environment for the models to interact with and the wonderful colors and textures present throughout. Message me for the password if you want to see this gallery.



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