Photographer's Top Set

As I did the last two years, I thought it would be fun to review all of my shoots over the previous 12 months and select my favorites - as a count down from #12 to my top at #1. Each photo represents the entire shoot/concept, so you can click on most titles to see more.
Regarding "extras" that I sometimes post, I have moved more of the sharing of my most explicit work to in-person events for now.  Some passwords are by "Invitation" meaning I proactively share with those that have provided me with feedback at times.
While I choose a top set here, I have had many other rewarding shoots and had the opportunity to work with many other models who also provided me with exceptional results. 
Always feel free to contact me with any ideas or interest in concepts you want to see me do. I also appreciate your active feedback including what you like or think I could do differently in future projects. This year I am also including some new projects I'm working on - listed after the top 12.
 -- David E.

I photographed two models “flying” at the Crucible Club. Whittney tied up the models including Jayy Ruger (below). Shibari is Japanese rope bondage suspended from the ceiling. While waiting at times, I also worked separately with another model interested in bondage using some of the props at this fetish club in DC.

I love the pairing of a drag queen and a naked man and this year included Citrine and Harold (below) as well as Derron and Geneva Confectionn and Venus Valhalla. 


The Onyx Club produced this themed fundraising event called Code Red where the participants wore red at the DC Eagle. I set up my portable studio in the corner of the venue and took portraits of the guests.

#9 - Hot Guys

It’s hard not to pick favorites, but Maurice (#1 Muscle shoot), Nick, Johny, ChrisTrent, Hunter, Frosty Otter and Axel didn’t disappoint.

This will never get old and hopefully can appear in my top list for years to come. 2019 included Chris and Fury, Chris and Jackson, Brandon and Johnny (below) and more. For now, I am primarily sharing the most erotic images in person at Cocktale Parties.


Working with Alejo (aka @freakupartist) was a real treat. Chris as the model produced some fantastic images. 


While I have not hosted many workshops this year, Allan, Craig and I hosted a fun “skyline photo workshop and party” on a rooftop in DC featuring six models. Many photographers attended to shoot and socialize. 

#5 - Empowering Shoots

This theme returns from last year as it is very rewarding to myself and especially for the subject. It allows me (and the viewer) to join a guy on his personal journey. This year, the topics include transgender and weight loss and sexual assault.

#4 - Private Party Shots

I have had an opportunity to attend the “Underground” party multiple times and set up a “studio” in a bedroom where guys can choose to pose in solo or group shots. They decide how explicit the poses can be and many choose to show everything. Currently, I am featuring these galleries at live events.

This is a new theme for me this year. While in past years, some images may have featured an element of leather or implied kink, this year I tackled the theme head-on. Turns out there are many models into kink poses and while most of been taken in my studio, I have also shot this theme at the Eagle and Crucible, outdoors and at private events. “Pups” may not be that kinky, but they are prominently featured in this series (not real dogs). I setup to feature this theme.

After seeing some images from Mark Chester (a San Francisco photographer) who was shooting images of guys either cruising or having sex in alleys at night, I decided to try this theme myself. It was a lot of fun to explore the lighting and posing options available at night in various locations including several DC alleys, Georgetown and the Eagle (shown below). Some of the images remind me of an “erotic tableaux” or old world master paintings where subjects are posed in a certain manner. Others captured the raw sexual energy and some have an element of anticipation of what’s to come next between two or more guys after dark. 

Among the most fun environments I've shot was this cruise ship. As part of a gay cruise spanning a week and working with about 15 models, I was able to have some fun and capture some interesting images. I tried to incorporate elements of the ship (Celebrity Summit) in each shot. It was a fun and exhausting seven days at sea.



Other Projects


In addition to the selected themes above, I am working on several new projects that expand my ability to share my work with others in person and online. 


Artfully Male


I am excited to work on this new project where I aim to take some of my portfolio and design/produce art that might appeal to people. This includes framed prints as well as designing and producing colorful ceramic coasters. I have just placed my first order for coasters featuring 38 designs (male portrait, dogs, and a few nature shots). I am happy to talk to anyone who might be interested in either wall art prints of my work or a product such as a ceramic coaster set. I also continue to print books with my latest art designs. You can preview and order here.


I have also received my first order to provide some coasters for sale at a retail shop in DC. Check out to see many examples of my art designs and learn more.




I’ve continued to explore more personal options for sharing my most erotic work, and this format has been a lot of fun. I’ve held several in the past few months and plan to do more next year. It could eventually morph into a larger art show/gallery showing, but for now, it’s a small scale opportunity for guys to come together in person and view my work and hear tales about the shoots and models I meet. You can easily opt-in to my email list where I announce future nude events here.


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