Suggestive Nude Poses

All models I photograph determine their level of comfort in terms of posing nude, suggestive, underwear, or fully clothed.

One of my favorite shots is the suggestive nude poses. This leaves something to the imagination while teasing the audience and leaving them wanting more.

If you're on the fence about posing full frontal nude vs. underwear, a suggestive nude might be right for you. You can review all images prior to release to anyone else (assuming I am shooting for my portfolio vs. a private for hire shoot where you have 100% complete control over all images).

There are many ways to be discreet while shooting you naked. Options include angles, blocking with items or parts of your body (eg. your hands), and using lighting.

Another option to consider is we can do more full frontal or erotic views without including a clear view of your face. These type of poses are also very popular. I am getting better at hiding the model's identity with creative options. I used to just cut off their face in cropping, but I feel there are much better ways to do an anonymous shot. These include use of masks, clothing/fabrics, shadows, angles/turning away from the camera and sometimes a very cropped view where the face is just not included at all.

Overall, you can retain some privacy and still share images of yourself either fully nude or leave something to the imagination. I always start all sessions reviewing the model's limits and this includes which (if any) images I can share and which are totally private for the model's sole use and which we will not be doing at all.

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