Sharing Images



If you're hiring a photographer for money, you have greater control and can specify "work for hire" and own the images for your exclusive use. I prefer to do portfolio shoots (TFP or 'time for portfolio') where neither of us pays anything.


Generally, whenever a photographer takes a photo, he owns the copyright and he may share copies in his portfolio without further permission.  However, without a signed model release, he can not use the images for commercial purposes.


For "portfolio shoots", I will provide you with free copies after the shoot. I only request that you sign a model release AND give me proper photo credit when you share the images online (IG and Twitter @imagesmale, FB my personal account is fine). Please do not plan to share images without including a photo credit, except on social media apps like Grindr where you may not be able to include a photo credit.




While I offer nude poses, I do NOT require them and I hope all models will be very comfortable with his decision in terms of what types of poses he desires without ANY pressure from me. I offer nude shoots, but YOU decide what's right for YOU.


For the FOUR poses below, I offer the choice of "with your face clearly visible" OR "no clear view of your face" OR "none" :


"G" Rated

You're wearing something including underwear. The tamest poses including fashion.


Suggestive nude

You can't clearly see genitals, often considered "R" rated. Often guys are ok with backside views and for frontal, something is covering your penis. The ESPN sports magazine publishes an entire set of these every year.


Full frontal nude

These poses include frontal nudity, but not erotic poses.



These are the most sexually charged poses (erection or sexual positions).


Some guys love to show off in an erotic manner, but they don't want those photos to include their face so I offer "anonymous" poses for the erotic. 


We will discuss upfront prior to taking a single shot and together mark your choices on the model release form. If we chatted prior to the shoot and then you changed your mind when we meet, that is fine, but it may impact the shoot plan. You may decide you're more or less interested in nudes once you think about and see some more of my work and it's ok if as we shoot, you decide you are comfortable adding more nudes to the shoot and you want to add additional poses to your model release.  


For any nude poses, I will also require to see your ID and have you fill out an age verification form. Please do not ask for a shoot if you're not at least 18 years old and prepared to provide your ID for me to copy along with the age form.


Regarding erotic poses - I realize you may decide you want to do them, but then during the shoot you might not feel "up" to them after all. No pressure!!! If you want erotic shots AND you feel up for them, I'll capture. If you don't get hard and you had planned to do them, please don't stress. The opposite is true too - if you're not planning anything erotic and you get hard, don't worry about it and if you didn't approve that type of pose, I would not be taking photos of frontal views.




When considering the poses you're comfortable with, please select poses that you're comfortable with me sharing as mentioned below. If you want a "personal" shot that you wouldn't want me to share, you can ask me about that, but generally, I prefer to shoot within what I can share.


My model release gives me complete commercial rights and so far, my commercial use has been very limited. I have mostly been sharing my work via my website to select people. I generally use a password for nudes and give out to select fans that request. I have a Facebook group with over 1K people and IG account where I post teasers. I maintain an email list where I sometimes share passwords to nude galleries.


The reality is once an image is shared online, no one can control completely what some viewer might do. There's no way to make sure it can't be copied (even a screenshot is possible). Also, over time, I reserve the right to share in new ways. It could be a paid fan page (like OnlyFans), it could be a book, etc. I also host live events where I show my most erotic work in person. I have sold several images for covers on gay novels and might sell more. If you're worried about online sharing but don't mind me sharing them in person at events, that is one option.


The bottom line is while currently, I am somewhat reserved in my sharing of more erotic work online, it can change over time and once an image is part of my portfolio, I need to have the flexibility to use and share as I desire without further permission from the model.


Since the shoot was done for free, I am reluctant to take requests after the shoot to hide the image forever. I sometimes hear from a model they hate a specific image, and often I will respond and remove it. I don't let models decide which images I select to edit from the shoot, but sometimes I've shown models the "complete" set so they can see if there's any they love I didn't select to edit.


Some guys deal with professions where having nudes out there wouldn't be good, and they shouldn't pose fully nude then. Others don't care and know they won't regret it later. You decide.




I hope I didn't' scare you off or make it too complicated. My goal was to give you all the details YOU deserve to know so you can make the right decision for your upcoming shoot. If you no longer wish to shoot with me, that is fine and I appreciate any feedback. I respect your decision no matter what it is.


To arrange our shoot, please contact me at 703 462-0157 or chat on FB message AND please confirm the types of poses you're considering (realizing you can change your mind up until we meet and you sign the model release). I'll share a model confirmation page once we set a date, and that page has some more details including the address of the studio.

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