Paperwork: Model Release and Age Form


When I do portfolio shoots, I use one or two forms typically:


Age Verification Form: If we're doing any nude poses, I record a copy of your ID and complete the age verification form. This is required when a photographer produces certain nude content and helps protect me. I retain the records and don't share them publically.


Model Release:


The model release form is used to protect the model and photographer and grants rights to each of us. Whenever any photographer takes a photograph, he automatically owns the copyright to the images he captures (with or without a model release form).


Here's how the form impacts various things:


Rights to share the work:


With model release: Clarifies exactly what types of poses the photographer can share. The form specifies four types of poses (A: G-rated/underwear B: Suggestive nudes (no dick visible) C: Frontal nude D: Erotic poses. For each pose, you specify one of these options: None, No clear view of face, or face ok.  This protects you as the model by confirming in writing what can and what can not be shared in my portfolio. Also, the form gives you permission to share images I provide you after the shoot and use for your personal desires (non-commercial).


No model release: The photographer would retain the rights to share any photos as part of his portfolio (non-commercial use) automatically and it would not be stated in writing what types of poses can be shared, meaning anything captured could be shared.




Regardless of a model release, compensation can be provided or not to either of use (to photographer OR model).


In the case of a portfolio shoot with a model release, the typical compensation is I provide images for your time. So, in a sense, the "'pay" you receive for your time are copies of edited images which have value and no cash changes hands. It's called "TFP" or time for portfolio/prints.


Without a model release, I would typically consider the shoot a private shoot (for hire) and charge $275 to the client. When I hire models for a workshop, I pay them. 


Commercial Use:


With a model release, the model grants the photographer commercial rights. In my case, I have shot hundreds of models over 5 years and have 1000's of images (prob over 100K), and have actually sold/licensed less than 10 images and less than 10 prints as art. I currently do NOT make money selling my images, but like to reserve the right in case someday I figure out something to do with a select set of my portfolio. Possible commercial ideas include a book, art print, gallery show, or stock photo. The reality is that none of these pay much and meanwhile, you're getting something of value today (free images). I do not grant model commercial use, however, if the model asks me if he can use the images for a specific purpose, I often allow it.


Without a model release: I would be unable to do anything commercial with the images (but has mentioned above, could still technically share copies in my portfolio).


After the shoot, I'll scan a copy of the paperwork and provide you with a copy.





The bottom line is that the model release protects you as the model (what images can be shared by me in my portfolio and it confirms that you will receive images for your personal use), while also giving me confirmation of what I can share in my portfolio and grants me commercial rights to help compensate for my time doing the shoot for free.


No one should pose nude OR sign anything he is not comfortable with. A copy of the model release and age form is below (PDF). If you're unsure of either in advance of the shoot, please let me know and we can either chat on phone OR meet still and chat in person and make sure we're both comfortable before we proceed with the shoot.








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