As an option for your session, we can arrange to have a makeup artist provide their service prior to shooting. The additional cost starts at $30 for basic makeup services. Some guys prefer a completely natural look and have no interest in makeup, and we're fine with that. We can also do some editing/re-touching of the images even if we don't do makeup at the session. However, almost all models will appear more clean and polished after having makeup applied by a professional artist and re-touching as limits.


Typically, the makeup artist will focus primarily on your face. They may work on your brows, cheek bones, jaw line, deepen eyes and enhance your nose. They can also provide makeup to other parts of your body and these options can be reviewed with you.


The photos below (provided by one of our makeup artists Billy) demonstrates two transformations (before and after photos).


All of our makeup artists are fully comfortable with male nudity and have experience applying makeup to men. They can either do their work and then leave prior to the shooting, or they can remain on-site and provide you with re-touching as needed and assist the photographer in monitoring for any adjustments that may be needed throughout the session.


A related option is manscaping. We can refer you to several providers who can shave you as desired. This would typically occur at least a day prior to the shoot (whereas makeup occurs at the shoot). They also have experience and are comfortable shaving all parts of the male body as directed by you.


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