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I work with individuals and couples and some small groups who have an interest in kink/fetish photography. While many of my featured models are built fairly well, I am open to all body types. For couples, they can engage with each other as they desire and I'll work to capture any poses you desire (from playful fashion to highly erotic).




MAL - I'll be shooting in a hotel room (Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill) on January 18th and 19th, 2020 and can also shoot in your hotel room.


In addition to MAL, I shoot at my studio in Arlington, VA and can travel in the Washington, DC metro area to do location shoots (indoors and outdoors).  If we shoot on location, I'll bring my lighting equipment. I have shot recently at the DC Eagle, The Crucible Club and planning to shoot at Sigma Dungeon. 




As long as all subjects are at least 18 years old, it's legal and there are no live animals involved in the shoot, we can shoot it! Most of my models are male, but I am open to male/female couples too.


For posing ideas,  I am very open can give direction once I know your general desires. For couple poses, it's often best to let the guys do their thing and every so often, I'll ask you to hold a position as I get the light the way I want it.


I can also try to pair you with another model for a couples shoot. If you desire me to match you up to another model, I generally prefer to do a solo shoot first though so I can meet you and understand more about your interests.


I encourage you to bring any gear/props and ideas you have (open to any gear or toys) and feel free to share sample images you like. I have some gear as well, but love seeing what models bring to the shoot.




Currently, I primarily share my less erotic work via a private Facebook group (about a 1,000 members) where I post links to model galleries. I also post to Instagram (@imagesmale) and very little Twitter. I also maintain my main website @ For my more erotic work, I have started hosting "Cock Tale Parties" where I invite guests to socialize and view select images from my most erotic portfolio. You can learn more here. I may expand my sharing of erotic work on the web or other platforms in the future. I have printed several books and art prints are available.




For MAL, I am NOT charging for any shoots in the hotel during the event (assuming models agree to sign a model release). It is free to all who arrange with me to be photographed.


Other than at the MAL event, If I approach you to do a shoot (or you contact me and I like your look), I will NOT charge you and I'll give you some edited images assuming you will sign a model release and show proper ID to verify your age.


The model release allows me to add your images to my portfolio. If you want images for your exclusive private use (eg. not for me to share in my portfolio), you have the option to hire me. For details on hiring me, please click here.




In terms of types of poses I can share/include in my portfolio, we would discuss up front your comfort level. I don't require your face to be included with nude or erotic poses and I sometimes do anonymous shoots (guy next door type that don't show face at all). My model release will clearly define what I can share and we will discuss before we meet and again before we shoot. We then fill out the model release together. Just please let me know clearly what is right for you and then we can make a plan. If you're hiring me, it's all for you and I can delete everything once you have your images. No one should pose nude if they're not comfortable with it, so never feel pressure from myself or other photographers.




If you're interested in doing a kink (or non-kink) shoot - either at MAL or another time/place, let me know when you're generally available and what level of nudity and face is comfortable for you to do (in my portfolio). You can email me at or use the contact box below to send me your information. I don't require nudity, but like to know your comfort level up front.

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