Male Images Critique Session

In an effort to help both models and photographers learn what makes a great photo and what are areas we can work on, we are now conducting regular photography critique conference calls.


Each participant can add up to three images to the album set up for this workshop. Everyone will call into a conference telephone number and we will all discuss the images. We're looking for what went right with the shot as well as what could be done to improve the image. 


Everyone will have an opportunity to write comments in the album in advance of the call. Each member can upload a set number of images (so we have time to review all) and a model or photographer may upload an image they found online that they want to critique with the group, although photographers and models are encouraged to upload their own work if possible.




STEP 1: Upload up to 5 images (click the yellow button "Upload Your Photos" 


Upload images to the upload dialog box. It may not appear it worked right away - you should not need to keep re-uploading the same image - it may just take a bit to show up). If you don't see it at the next link (review album) after a bit of time, you can try again or email me -





STEP 2: To review photos, click the red button below. Enter the password "review" to view. You can add any comments you desire of any image (yours or others) by clicking on the image to bring into full view and then click the bubble icon on the lower bottom of the screen. You can also click the like button if you want.







1. All will upload photos in advance for review (see above) and during workshop, all will log in to "review photo gallery" button at the call (need to be at your computer).


2. All will call (712) 432-0926 and when prompted to enter your code, please enter 168168 to join audio conference call.


We will ask each person to start the discussion about their images if they desire to offer any up front comments or provide information about how the image was shot.

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