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We're now offering body painting and professional photography either by appointment at our studio in Arlington, VA or at a "party" event at your location or at our studio. We can bring all of the materials and expertise to your next party and create something truly magical and memorable. You can choose complete body painting or limit to torso/head. Models can be nude or partially clothed, depending on your preference.


See below for details on our Body Painting & Photography Events.

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Body Painting & Photography Events


If you've been invited to model for me at my studio (no charge/time for portfolio) you can jump right to the model tips page. This page covers paid events that I may sometimes offer.



  • Paint yourself (we will supply paint and related materials)

  • Come with a buddy and paint each other

  • Meet others at the event and paint a new friend

  • Have an artist paint you (torso/head - approx 30-45 minutes OR full body - approx 1-1.5 hour)


Whichever option you choose, feel free to bring a concept you want to explore. Painting can be a realistic style or appear more abstract. Consider bringing some fun props that might complement your painted self.



  • Limited private (photographer will not share images) - approximately 10 images/10 minutes shooting. Price includes editing of 5 selected images at screen resolution (for sharing on social media). High resolution/print may cost extra.

  • Extended private shoot - approximately 30-40 images/30 minutes shooting (editing of 12 images)

  • Portfolio shoot - the photographer will share images in their portfolio and you will get copies too. You can restrict to only suggestive nudes (no frontal view) or torso/headshots. Will capture approximately 40 images/30 minutes and price includes editing of 12 images to share.

  • Selfie only - if you do not want professional images captured, you can choose to simply take your own.

  • Model - if you have a strong design/look, feel free to inquire about having your photography done as a TFP (free) shoot.



We will start the session with an overview and some tips on body painting. All supplies are included in the base cost. Option to have an artist paint you and take professional photos. At some events, we can have the artist give advice and guidance as you paint too. If you want to keep it real simple and the lowest cost, you can pay just the base cost and paint yourself or a friend and take selfies.



Ticket (includes personal new paint pallet that is smooth and safe for skin that can be taken home for use and personal exploration later) $55 or couple $90

Option to have artist paint you (ADD torso/head $50 or full body $80 per person).

Due to time constraints at larger events, the design will be fairly simple. Some images shown in our portfolio may be more complex than realistic at a group event.



The perfect way to capture the results of your hard work. Create unique photos perfect for sharing and printing.


  • Limited private (shoot approx 10 images for your personal use only) - ADD $125

  • Extended private (shoot approx 40 images for your personal use only) - ADD $175

  • Portfolio shoot - ADD $75 (photographer adds to his portfolio and you get images)

  • Selfie/Model - No charge


For example, you can choose to have an artist paint your full body and do a portfolio shoot for a total cost of $195 or torso only painting $165 total cost.


All prices subject to a minimum total attendance/value.


Please contact us to review your event details and we can confirm exact cost for your plan. 


In addition to conducting paint/photo events, we also offer individual and couple sessions at our studio with a body painter and an extended portfolio shoot. Total cost for 2+ hours full body painting and 1+ hour photography starts at $400.


Projector images are an alternative to paint


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