Cocktale Party "Flavors"

Not all parties are the same.​ ​Some events may feature:

AUDIENCE ATTIRE: Events will be either nude, clothing optional, or clothed guests.


GUEST PHOTOGRAPHERS: I will sometimes include images from fellow male erotic/portrait photographers who may also be present at the event.


SELFIE SHOW: Calling all audience exhibitionists!  I'll collect your images in advance and then present a collection of member nude selfies (can be anonymous shots).


VIDEO: See video showing a nude photo shoot so you can feel like you were there.


LIVE MODEL SHOOT: Live demonstration of a nude photoshoot featuring one or more models (version of the Fly on the Wall format). Get up and close while the model shows off for the camera and YOU! 

LIVE AUDIENCE SHOOT: Volunteers can pose solo or with others. Choose anonymous body only poses if you desire. Your photos may then be featured in future events and you get copies. At some events, this will be a "Red Light District Shoot" and may follow the main event and could have an additional fee to attend.


FOOD/ALCOHOL: Unless an event is specifically an alcohol or foodtheme, please do not bring.


IMAGE THEMES: Such as location shots, bondage / kink. Check out my kink site here.

ART PRODUCTS: Prints or photo books, etc. may be available at the event and/or a discount may be provided for future ordering. This would include the option to purchase an art print of any image from my erotic portfolio.

VARIOUS VENUES: Beyond my studio in Arlington, I am open to hosting at other venues (I can bring everything needed). We could pair this theme with another event (eg. fundraiser or product sales event). Contact me to brainstorm your ideas or discuss your venue and interest in hosting. I may also consider offering via "virtual" methods for those that are not able to travel locally to attend.


FUNDRAISING EVENT: We can feature images around a theme (eg. dog rescue, sexual assault, etc.). The images shown can be as tame or explicit as you desire for your event. We can also produce items to be given away or sold at the event that tie into the theme (eg. ceramic photo coasters featuring images of dogs).





"David has a talent for presenting any person, regardless of age or body type, in their best way. Moreover, his events provide a range of opportunities to learn more about the models, photography techniques, and the circumstances that culminated in a particular photography session. Events that offer some level of participation are always welcoming and engaging, and David has always been genuinely appreciative of participants’ ideas and feedback." - Michael S

I enjoyed the review. The studio was comfortable and relaxed. I liked the brief background information provided with most of the photos in the presentation. The review showcased a variety of locations and types of photos (studio, outdoors, couples, leather, etc.) - a testament to your creativity.

The photos are as slick, appealing, and arousing as any "coffee table magazine. The photos in the review give evidence of your talent and passion from the composition, to the lighting, to the models." - Joe T

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