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Super Model: Andrew



Gender bending gallery bellow...

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GENDER BENDING PROJECT -  Andrew's comments on the topic:

"There is nothing black and white when it comes to masculinity and femininity, and im so tired of people, even within our own lgbt community, trying to put people in one corner or the other. it's so much more fluid and you can't judge a person by something you see on the surface. you have no idea how many layers there are underneath. it doesn't matter who you are, what you enjoy in life, what you do, or how you act. just be the best you you know how to be and if anyone doesn't like it, fuck em. so grateful to have done this little photoshoot with David E showing that there are many sides to myself and to everyone. I wanted to incorporate elements of both male and female, glamorous and strange, and activities that might be more commonly associated with one gender stereotype. happy to share the outcome smile emoticon be you everyday of your life because you're the only one who can fill that role."

Andrew's comments about his experience as a model at a workshop. Below are some of the images captured during the workshop. "I had the opportunity to do a photo workshop with David and a select group of photographers recently, and I am far from a professional model, but it was a great experience for myself and I believe for them as well. a wonderful opportunity for model and photographer to work on different techniques and practice areas we feel we aren't strong in. everyone was excellent to work with, very respectful of myself as a model, very grateful to have someone to practice with, and that comfort level allowed us to have a lot of fun and have a few laughs through the shoot as well. it's something I would definitely do again at some point in the future, and I highly reccomend that anyone else who might be considering doing a workshop with David take that step and do it."

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