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Agency Representation

Do you think you have what it takes to be a semi-professional model? If you have a strong presence in your images and a sought after look, we may be able to connect you with paid modeling opportunities. Through our strategic partnership with an agency, we can help lead you directly to a variety of paid and non-paid modeling opportunities.


While we often hire models for our photography workshops, this goes much beyond that opportunity.  



1. Images Male determines that you may have a look that our partner agency would be able to represent. We would compile a basic portfolio of images including any existing shots you have, along with some new ones we would do as part of a test shoot. This is NOT about charging you to do a shoot (test shoots are usually done for free - see info below on financial arrangements) and images would be added to the Images Male portfolio as well as building your personal portfolio.


2. If after our test shoot we obtain some strong images and feel that we can recommend you for agency representation, we would provide a set for the agency rep to review.


Before we schedule the test shoot, we would confirm you're not already represented and add you to our potential pipeline of new models. In addition to providing the agency with your images, we would conduct an pre-qualification interview to assess if you meet the minimum requirements to be represented.


3. If the agency believes they can represent you and obtain regular assignments for you, they may provide you with a contract. We would be available to review the terms of the contract with you and you would then be able to accept or decline the agency's offer to represent you. If you enter a contract, you would agree to be represented by the agency for up to 30 assignments. If after reviewing the contract, you decide it's not right for you, you're under no obligation to pay either the agency or Images Male and you can walk away from the opportunity to be represented.


After signing your agency contract, Images Male would continue to be available to provide photography services as needed, but you could expect to meet and work with a wide variety of additional photographers and you would not be exclusively working with Images Male.


If the agency declines to contract with you, Images Male may still be able to introduce you to photographers and find some modeling opportunities, including modeling at workshops.




While there are always exceptions, this list is the current qualifications that the agency is seeking for new models to represent:


  • Have a strong presence in images and connect with the camera

  • Strong look - attractive

  • Height of at least 5'11" (for print only work, lower may work)

  • Availability to respond to opportunities

  • Other????




The financial incentives for all three parties (you as the model, the agency who has relationships with the paying clients, and Images Male as the scouting agent/photographer) are aligned. We all make money together and no one is paying anyone meanwhile. Some agencies do very little placement of paid jobs and instead make their money by charging aspiring models to do head shots or charge a retainer to represent them and then do nothing to deliver results.


Images Male will receive a commission paid directly by the agency and this does not impact the amount you would be paid if you had entered a contract without the assistance and introduction from Images Male (we're paid a portion of the agency's typical commission). You can expect to receive 50% of all paid jobs.


Unless you have approached us to help you build a portfolio, we do not solicit specific models to sell them photography services. If we offer a test shoot, there is no charge to the model (it is done "TFP" - the model is not paid, nor is the photographer. Time for portfolio gives both the model and the photographer valuable images for their respective portfolios and time is bartered from both parties).




Below, is a small list of opportunities so that you can better understand how you may be hired to model.






If you have not already done so, you should complete the model inquiry form on our model casting page. This will add you to our database of potential models, including for scheduling a test shoot and consideration for modeling at a future workshop. After your complete the form you will be asked to email some sample photos to us for review. Your application is not complete until you submit photos.


Next, prior to or during a test photo shoot, we will ask you to complete an assessment of qualifications to see if you meet the agency's minimum requirements. If you do not meet the minimum qualifications or have a look that is currently being sought, we may still pursue a test shoot to help build our portfolio and determine if you would be suitable to model at a workshop.


To learn more about being scouted by Images Male, visit our scout page (password required). This page has answers to many of the most common questions that scouted models often ask. Feel free to contact us at anytime to ask your specific questions.


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Images Male is in full compliance with 18 USC 2257, with possession of model releases and all models are at least 18 and have provided age verification.

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